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We make it straight-forward faster engaging to identify the software your business really needs and to manage your decision-making process end-to-end.

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Deciding on the right software for your business is often painful.

Parcurio is the innovative digital platform that enables companies like yours to find and decide with ease which software solution fits your needs best, be it the latest hot AI startup or the well-established incumbent. And we do so in a structured, team-based, informed and transparent way.

Building on the power of AI and Knowledge Graph technology and leveraging it with years of real-human project experience, we help you simplify and master your digitalization project all the way from understanding your needs, exploring the market to taking a robust decision.

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What Parcurio can do for you

Frustrated from searching for the right software for your business

Why is it so difficult to find new software?

Getting the right software into your stack is an extensive decision process because business software is not just an app you download, try out quickly and delete again with no issues as you may do it on your phone during that boring train ride. It's an investment decision in a highly dynamic market with potentially high stakes for your business. That's why we want to help you get it right.

Frustrated by trying to find the "right" software?

Research seems never-ending? No solution really fits? Peer recommendations sound superficial or biased? “Expert” matrices and user reviews do not consider your company’s specific  requirements?


The solution: Parcurio.

Combining the power of AI and modern Knowledge Graph technology with our team’s years of real-human project experience, we help companies like yours to power your business with exactly those software solutions that fit your needs.

Parcurio helps you manage your quest for the right software to boost your business

Independent. Curious. Tailored.

Boosting business performance through digital solutions starts with business needs, not with technology. We are building on a unique data base of digital solutions that allows to find and pick software solutions in an unprecedented way.
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Parcurio's 8-step process makes sure identifying the right software becomes straight forward.

8 steps. No hassle.

We start by eliciting the real needs of your team. With inspiration on what's possible and easy “try-before-you-buy” the project advances to effective decision-making on the specific software that fits your business needs. Customized, not off the shelf. Our experts chip in with on years of project experience in digitalization and organizational change. Plus, Parcurio takes the tedious day-to-day tasks off your plate.
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The One-Stop Platform.

Following a straight-forward and proven 8-step process, Parcurio helps you to develop a clear, reflected evaluation of alternative software options on the market. 

Parcurio makes sure you get the most important questions answered: Yours! It takes the tedious routine tasks off your plate so that you can focus on what matters: See, experience, discuss, test and compare so that you can take an informed decision.

Along the way, our experts support your team, provide inspiration and challenge to ensure you really get what you are looking for.

I haven't experienced such a structured decision-making process with any other client before - impressive!

A flexible offer

Our offering combines the use of our Parcurio technology platform in combination with project coaching and consulting services. The share of these two elements is defined flexibly according to your specific needs. See three examples below and get in touch for a personal discussion on how we can help you best.


The basics for finding a quick solution to a specific issue with limited support from Parcurio.


Ideal for seeking solutions for a specific business capability with individual data services.

Full project

A fully customized offering with highly specific research as well as project management and change support

About US

In 2023, a small team of tech aficionados, programmers and former consultants set out to challenge the way “digitalization” is done. With a crush for automation, efficient project delivery and experience on how corporate change is managed successfully, Parcurio was brought to live.

We combine the fresh mindset of enthusiastic young professionals with the experience from years in top-tier strategy consulting, business transformation and business digitalization for clients both large and small. We cross-pollinate technical skills with business process perspective, a systems thinking mindset and the psychological treats for effective decision and change management.

In a remote setup, our team is spread across Germany with hubs in Mannheim, Hamburg and Magdeburg.

Shanghaiallee 7 9 in Hamburg HafenCity

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